6% and revenues for all customer locations excluding the UAE

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replica oakleys Again, Prem had been on the job for just 84 days when he signed his two certifications. Did he truly conduct the necessary due diligence? Is it prudent for investors to rely on Prem’s certifications covering a mostly intangible asset base totaling $1.1 billion? Do investors know enough about Prem’s process to make a judgment that his certifications are meaningful? And because Prem’s made such sudden certifications in 2015, is he suddenly going to refuse to sign the 2016 certifications?Its undisclosed “Divided Responsibility” Audit Its changed description in its internal review Its 1,550% sales increase in the United Arab Emirates while revenues in India decreased 3.6% and revenues for all customer locations excluding the UAE decreased 9.9%. Andrew Heffernan’s role in EROS’s “special purpose entities” and related party transactions Its EROSNow paid subscribers controversy Its disproportionately large “Film Content” and “Accounts Receivables” balances versus the syndication market for Indian films Its failure to file Andrew Heffernan’s required Compliance Certification Prem’s willingness to file an ill informed Compliance Certification to the SEC Its market position versus competitors such as SONY Corporation (NYSE:SNE) VIACOM Inc. replica oakleys

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