Banner: “We just wanna see the kids smile and see a black

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Trump said the immediate halt to the refugee program was to give agencies time to develop a stricter screening system. Rep. Richard Hudson, a North Carolina Republican from Concord, introduced a bill last year that would have temporarily suspended refugee resettlement.

fake ray ban sunglasses At the end of November, Juneau posted a link to the campaign on the local Facebook group message board. But it was a rocky start. Because that group does not allow posts that ask people for money, moderators wanted to remove it. “This travel ban, I believe, is a good effort on the president’s part to protect America from tyranny,” Robert Wood of Broussard posted on Facebook this week. “Granted, it will not stop all, but it will definitely slow the process and give our government and security officials a chance to do better vetting of the people coming and going. Mr. fake ray ban sunglasses

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fake ray bans DJ GREEN LANTERN feat. DAVID BANNER, BUSTA RHYMES, AND TALIBKWELIThey appropriate an Obama sample that ends in a “Yes we can” echo, then (rightly?) celebrate the likelihood that he’ll be cooling his heels in the Oval Office in a few months. Banner: “We just wanna see the kids smile and see a black president walk down the damn aisle of the White House.” Busta: “Every single time he lock another town/Victorious with the vote, he give his wife a pound.” Talib hails O as being like “the first black explorer,” but also, as befits his relative worldliness, gives Green Party hopeful Cynthia McKinney a shout out fake ray bans.

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