Car companies are increasingly wary of alerting buyers that

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Fake Bags And no one wants to be deceived.”That type of ire has made the auto industry shy about discussing its sound technology. Several attempts to speak with Ford’s sound engineers about the new F 150, a six cylinder model of America’s best selling truck that plays a muscular engine note through the speakers, were quietly rebuffed.Car companies are increasingly wary of alerting buyers that they might not be hearing the real thing, and many automakers have worked with audio and software engineers to make their cars’ synthesized engine melody more realistic.Volkswagen uses what’s called a “Soundaktor Replica Designer Handbags,” a special speaker that looks like a hockey puck and plays sound files in cars like the GTI and Beetle Turbo. Lexus worked with sound technicians at Yamaha to more loudly amplify the noise of its LFA supercar toward the driver seat.Some, like Porsche with its “sound symposer,” have used noise boosting tubes to crank up the engine sound inside the cabin. Fake Bags

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