Fee Schedule

Cost calculations are made by multiplying the fee amount by the student head count for the district. 

*** Please Note:  The student head count calculation for the Student Service Fee and DataMap are established by using Software Answers’ data.  Software Answers is the company that provides the software for the ProgressBook Suite.  The ADM calculation for all other fees is established by using Student Information Systems data taken from October of the preceding fiscal year for our public schools or from auxiliary reports for our non-public schools.

(Section 3301-3-06 A 7 of the Ohio Administrative Code requires Information Technology Centers to post fees. 
Above is a list of the services offered by NCOCC and the associated pricing.)


**A district selecting Bundle A services must subscribe to the Disaster Recovery Service, Cyber Security Service and Base Fee.**

Bundle A:

If a district wants to use an “ala carte” approach to purchasing Core Services and does not take connectivity through NCOCC they can select from the top four services listed below:

  • Student Service Fee
  • Fiscal Service Fee
  • Educational Service Fee
  • INFOhio
  • Disaster Recovery Fee (mandatory)
  • Cyber Security Fee (mandatory)
  • Base Fee (mandatory)

Fee Structure:

The district will be charged the below prices per ADM.
This fee structure is based on NCOCC’s actual costs.
**The bottom THREE are mandatory fees**

  • $15.48 per Software Answers Count
  • $8.89 per ADM
  • $7.35 per ADM
  • $3.15 per ADM ($5 for first year)
  • $2.00 per ADM
  • $2.00 per ADM
  • $3.24 per ADM

Add on Options:  (cost is listed per ADM)

$  3.00  per Software Answers Count

Virtual Classroom 
Offered as a part of the Student Service Fee.  No additional charge.


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Disaster Recovery Fee

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Educational Support Fee

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Fiscal Services Fee

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INFOhio Fee

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Staff Development

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Student Services Fee

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Other Services Offered

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