How can I tell whether my postpartum bleeding is abnormal?All

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YSL Replica Many supermarkets sell reusable bags for 99 cents, but few people use them. You drove small cars. You recycled every can Replica YSL Bags, lid and stray bit of household waste. How can I tell whether my postpartum bleeding is abnormal?All new moms have vaginal bleeding and discharge Replica YSL Replica YSL Bags, known as lochia, as the uterus sheds its thick lining of tissue from the pregnancy. Lochia is normally bright red at first, but it should get progressively lighter in color and amount over the first few days. If bright red bleeding continues after four days, or if at any time you seem to be bleeding more instead of less, it could indicate a problem and should prompt a call to your caregiver.. YSL Replica

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