The friend AnAn atold investigators that he had invited Few to

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“Hayden is at school every day now for the entire day,” Bauer said. “His progress has been remarkable, just short of a miracle. He no longer uses a wheelchair, walker or cane. This was a pretty easy mission in a city that boasts Millennium Park, Lincoln Park Zoo, amazing architecture, seamless public transportation and pockets of free art exhibitions. It is a seamless stainless steel piece that provides a funhouse mirror reflection of the Chicago skyline. It begs for self portraits.

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1) NET PAINS: Don expect the NHL to expand to bigger nets in the immediate future in order to boost goal scoring. Forget, for a moment, about those old school types who don want to see the tradition of the game butchered by altering the size of the cages. No, the implications run much deeper than that.

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