The illegal store even had its own security cameras

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‘i’m not a sexpot and that’s my trump card’

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Prada Replica Bags John Braybrook, when asked how the suspects managed to get clothing items out of the stores.Police said the investigation, which is ongoing, began last October when one of the female suspects was caught shoplifting on camera on three occasions.Police said they then began tailing the suspects, and determined the goods were brought back to a house in Toronto.Last week Cheap Prada, police watched the suspects allegedly shoplift at Etobicoke’s Sherway Gardens mall, at another mall in Burlington and then at Square One in Mississauga before moving in to make an arrest. Police said they recovered around $7,500 worth of high end goods in that single bust.At the Toronto house where police executed a search warrant, every room was filled with allegedly stolen merchandise and had been set up like a department store, complete with clothing racks and transaction records.The illegal store even had its own security cameras Cheap Prada Bags, police said.Police said the investigation is ongoing as they review more security footage from various stores.The five charged each face several charges, including trafficking in property obtained by crime over $5,000. All three women and one of the male suspects are charged with theft under $5 Prada Outle,000.. Prada Replica Bags

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