The woman told police that Kane attacked and raped her while

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airport shooting suspect could face death penalty

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high quality replica handbags Kane, the two women and a male associate of Kane were driven to the Hamburg home by an off duty Buffalo police lieutenant who was working as Kane’s chauffeur.The woman told police that Kane attacked and raped her while the two were alone in a room in Kane’s home Fake Bags, sources said.While denying the rape allegation, neither Kane nor Cambria has related Kane’s version of what happened that early morning.Police have refused to release any statements made by Kane or the young woman.Doubts about the woman’s allegations began to arise Sept. 19, when The News reported that DNA evidence obtained during the investigation did not confirm the woman’s rape allegation. Sources close to the case disclosed that DNA tests taken from a “rape kit” conducted on the woman in a local hospital showed no trace of Kane’s DNA in her genital area or on her undergarments.Three days after that report appeared in The News Replica Designer Handbags, Thomas J. high quality replica handbags

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