Thinking you got too much time on your hands

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However Replica Handbags, RAF 1 and BAG 1 were specifically co immunoprecipitated from MCF 10A cells grown in monolayer culture (Figure 3c) under conditions that mimic the 3 D environment, in which epidermal growth factor is essential for acinar morphogenesis (Brummer et al. Replica Handbags, 2006). We also examined the intracellular expression of BAG 1 and RAF 1 in MCF 10A by immunocytochemistry and observed a colocalization between the two proteins in MCF 10A cells (Figure 3d) Replica Bags, providing further evidence supporting a direct interaction. (a), Representative immunoblots of total and serine 338 (S338) phosphorylated RAF 1 expression in whole cell lysates from BAG 1 expressing (b) and vector control (V) acini at days 7 and 10 of three dimensional (3D) culture.

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